Sunday, November 20, 2011

sushi time *

Thanks God for still given the opportunity to enjoy life
although it is temporary
Alhamdullilah :)

yesterday we got farewell party for our groupmate Doris Goh
she will going back to Malaysia
continue study there before further to US
good luck Doris !

sushi time at Planeta Sushi Akthany Ryad *
it's awesome !

snap pics while waiting for sushi !

see you again ! :)


~lieya~ said...

look delicious..
tak penah makan sushi c tak coz takot tak boleh nak terima tekak nie..

khai said...

yup..mmg sedap
xpe,belum cuba belum tau lieya :)

juan87 said...

bestnyaa sushi..

khai said...

jom2 join juan :)

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